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Chinese-American Student Coalition (CSC) was founded in the fall of 1996. Our purpose is to foster an environment that supports Chinese-American students and those interested in Chinese culture, providing a space that bridges the divide between Chinese and American identities. 

CSC started out with only a small executive board (e-board) and a few members, but has now expanded the e-board positions and gained new members.  As a result, CSC now has more activities and programs and is reaching out to a larger community, both Chinese and those interested in Chinese culture.

​We create programs that allow a space for students to explore themselves and their heritage, preserving Chinese culture in a place away from home. Throughout the year, we hold many events ranging from banquets to tailgates and even philanthropies. Everyone in the MSU community is welcome to join us in our events; we love to meet new people and see new faces!

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